Why The Movement Of Trucks Across The Borders Cannot Be Restricted

During the coronavirus pandemic, the US and Canada restricted non-essential travel across their common borders but allowed the movement of freight in trucks. Preserving the movement of trucks was economically sound otherwise, critical supplies of food and medicines would be interrupted as well as the operations of large manufacturing plants that employ thousands of people. … Read more

The Importance Of Content To SEO

With how much time people spend consuming digital content, it’s no surprise that content creation has become more important. Content is important for SEO, because SEO is, ultimately, about the users and what they need and look for.  Content contains SEO keywords Even before a topic is decided, SEO is already in play. SEO uses … Read more

Making A Marketing Review Work

Marketing professionals keep working even after the launch of their marketing campaigns. Occasionally, they need to make adjustments to the campaign in order to ensure it stays up to snuff, and that’s where marketing reviews come in. While marketing reviews need to be made to match an organization’s unique needs, there are certain elements that … Read more

Why Illustrations Are Crucial In The Advertising Campaign

Everyone associated with advertising believes that a picture is worth a thousand words. Illustrations are effective tools that can ensure the success of an advertisement by capturing the right visual image that will resonate with the target audience. After the illustration has effectively captured the attention of the audience, the advertiser can convey the promotional … Read more

Commonly Asked Questions About SEO

The thing about SEO is that people will always be asking questions about it. This isn’t a failing, as the ever-evolving nature of SEO means that updates and changes at a regular pace; there’s always something new to learn.   Even amidst all that change, however, there is consistency; certain questions about SEO just keep getting … Read more

How To Achieve A Successful ROI-Driven Marketing Campaign

The implementation of a successful ROI-driven campaign requires the collection and analysis of customer data to uncover trends and opportunities in the customer segment. Data-driven marketing campaigns must be able to create marketing experiences that will resonate with specific segments of your audience on a deeper level. Analysing customer data will allow you to better … Read more

Making Your Comforter Fit Your Bed

If you need the right cover for your bed, then making your own is the best option. The thing with custom comforters and bedsheets is that, since you’re making them for your bed and for your needs, it just fits nice and snugly. If you’re wondering how to make your comforter fit your bed, here … Read more

Canadian ELD Mandate Going Into Effect By June 2021

Canada’s federal government will be moving forward with their new mandate, which requires Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) on commercial shipping trucks operating in the country. Naturally, this has been watched by the Canadian freight industry, with companies like Titan Transline paying attention to this development. On March 2, 2021, Canadian Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra … Read more

The Basics Of SEO

SEO is a term that gets thrown around a lot in digital marketing, but it might not be always clear what it is and what it does. What is SEO? SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization, which is the practice of boosting both the quality and quantity of website traffic via organic search engine results. … Read more

How To Use Customer Reviews In The Marketing Strategy

Customer reviews have become a very powerful tool for marketers today. Thanks to social media, blogs and third-party review sites like Indeed, consumers and B2B customers can now share their opinions about a product, service or brand quickly and easily. According to surveys, purchase decisions are heavily influenced by online customer reviews. Adult consumers routinely … Read more