3 Essential Tips For A Successful HCG Weight Loss

Going on a diet, especially if it is your first time can be challenging. However, if you focus on your HCG weight loss goals, there is no reason why you will not achieve your ideal weight and body. Make sure that you buy FDA approved HCG to ensure its efficacy and safety. To help you achieve a successful slimming journey, take a look at these tips:

Choose healthy food

Your success in getting the right weight and losing the extra pounds has something to do with the type of food you take. While on HCG diet, avoid food that are considered unhealthy such as those in high fat and high cholesterol. Food that are served in fast food chains and burger joints are generally considered as unhealthy while soda drinks, chips, soda, processed food which contain high sodium should also be avoided as they are considered as junk foods. Avoid sugary food such as chocolate bars, Frappuccino and cakes when you can go for healthy snacks such as yoghurt, fresh salads and fruits. Drink more water to cleanse your system and to eliminate toxins in your body. Ideally, drink at least 2 gallons of water a day to speed up your metabolism and flush the toxins. Water can also suppress hunger and lower down your weight.

Prepare and cook your food

When you prepare your own meals, you know exactly the type of ingredients that are added in your meals. You can also count the calories and pick the right ingredients to ensure that you are eating healthy. Instead of using high cholesterol oil, you can use olive oil in your salads or frying. For dieters, it is also recommended to cook your food during the weekend and consume it over the week to sustain your HCG weight loss. Pack your lunch to the office to avoid eating out.

Count calories

Go on a low carb diet of 500 to 550 a day while taking HCG weight loss supplement. Avoid food such as white bread, potatoes and those that are considered starchy. Do light exercises at least twice a week to firm up your body.