4 Tips To Give Your Site A More Effective Appeal

Have you seen the brand of ‘My Little Pony’? From My Little Pony Pajamas, to hoodies, t-shirts, accessories etc., you’ll definitely be astounded on their products which definitely reels in quite a punch in sales. Its website, is overall, very simple yet very effective as well. If you’re aiming to sell cute products or maybe even more professional ones, and you want them to actually be effective, then I’ll share to you some of the best ways to give it more of an impact to your customers.

1. Make It Simple
One of the best ways to give your website a professional, yet an appearance that screams your brand, you should be able to keep it simple. Too much cutesy or over-designs would prove to be lethal for your site. Just as Brony’s site, keep your designs in a minimum. Adding too much icons or pictures for design purposes will surely put you in a setback once people gets confused because of them.

2. Use Colors Wisely
The color affects the effectiveness of your site. Make sure that its relevant to what your website is, but don’t use too much colors. It will be wise for you to limit your colors to 3 to 5. If you observe the page, you’ll see that the colors used are only white, violet and gray. These three colors complement each other while making the logo pop on the upper left side as well. Wise usage of colors will bring attention to your site and products which will surely result to more sales.

3. Make your Texts Clear
The contents of your site is its life. You should use font that will complement the design and color of your site, but don’t ever use an excessive font that will not be readable. The font size should also be at the right amount – not too big, but also not too short. Be consistent with your font all throughout the site.

4. Go Mobile
After the changes which Google implemented – the ‘Mobilegeddon’, you won’t be able to put an effective site without making it compatible to other devices. By doing this, you’ll be able to boost your rankings in searches and will further strengthen your site’s effectiveness.

Your site will be the one to attract and invite your customers to buy your product. It should be something like the Brony.com which will make its customers want to buy the cute my little pony pajamas, hoodies and every items on their list. If your site manages to attain that point, you’ll surely be able to move further ahead in your industry.