5 Tips To Lower Titan Transline Freight Expenses

Shipping goods can be extra expenses if you will not take extra effort or a little research to lower the costs. There are several freight and trucking companies, such as Titan Transline that will help you transport your products at a cheaper amount. Here are some tips:

Standard shipping

If it is not anything urgent, choose the standard shipping since expedited transport can cost you higher than the usual or standard shipping fees. If you are not in a hurry, you might also want to consider calendars. For instance, sending goods during peak season, such as holidays, Christmas, Chinese New Year, etc. can be costly. Wait for off-peak season to avail discounts and lesser fees. With off-peak season, goods transportation is also faster due to lesser demand. Shipping becomes similar to paying more for a faster service but you actually won’t.

Maximize the load

The more loads you transport the lesser would be the costs. It would be best to collect everything that you need to transport or deliver instead of sending them piece by piece, which would require you to pay more and transact with Titan Transline or your preferred trucking company more.

Choose correct transportation method

There are different ways to send cargoes. You can do it via air, water, and by land or a mixture of different methods. No matter what your choice is, take some research to determine which method gives you more value. Air transport can be faster but it is more expensive. Weigh the options and decide.

Choose consolidated cargo

If you are sending out a smaller quantity of cargo, like a few boxes, it would not be practical to hire the entire truck for its delivery. Inquire from the trucking company if they have flexible options such as pooling your cargo with other cargoes. That would be cheaper and more efficient.

Choose a reliable trucking company

To ensure that you will pay less or reasonably, choose a trucking company, such as Titan Transline that offers more options and more value for your money. Read feedback and customer testimonials to get more ideas on the service quality of the company.