All About Financing Your Dream Bike

The tough decision after you have selected your dream bike is how to finance the purchase. Getting financing options for new and used bikes has become easier with the onset of dealership financing. The vehicle dealers have their own finance teams who tie up with various banks to offer you on the sport vehicle financing. You can negotiate a good financing deal with the dealer and get your dream bike home.

If you are planning to buy Honda motorcycles through dealership finance, the first point to remember is to look for the applicable interest rates. Most of the dealerships offer zero interest financing if you have a good credit history. Shop around a bit and know the prevailing interest rates in the market. This will enable you to negotiate a good deal with your dealer and save on the monthly payments.

Most of the dealers try to sell extended warranty and life insurance along with the financing option.  All the new Honda motorcycles have sufficient manufacturer’s warranty. Do not be pushed into buying an extended warranty until you find it to be beneficial for your interests. Buying a life insurance is not mandatory with vehicle purchase. Though, you are required to have a motor insurance. Do not get confused between the two policies. Always compare the insurance rates of different providers and select the most competitive insurance for your vehicle.

You can opt for getting a vehicle loan from a bank or other private finance companies or opt for financing from the dealership. The major advantage of buying your new or used Honda motorcycles with dealer financing is you can take advantage of the special offers. Most of the dealerships offer lower or zero interest rates to beat the competition in the market.  However, it is important to read the loan agreement carefully before you sign the dotted line. Do not trust blindly on the words of the dealer but read the agreement carefully to know about the applicable interest rates for various years, the term of the loan and pre-payment charges. Also, look for any hidden charges like processing fee and dealer fees. These hidden charges will increase your monthly payments.