Canadian ELD Mandate Going Into Effect By June 2021

Canada’s federal government will be moving forward with their new mandate, which requires Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) on commercial shipping trucks operating in the country. Naturally, this has been watched by the Canadian freight industry, with companies like Titan Transline paying attention to this development.

On March 2, 2021, Canadian Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra confirmed that the ELD mandate would go into effect by June 12, 2021, and that they are expecting all truckers operating in the country to comply by that time.

Alghabra stated that, ideally, truckers should be compliant with the mandate, but they’ll initially stick to ‘soft’ enforcement.

The Minister of Transport stated that they’re firmly committing to their initial timeline, as they believe that this will help road safety in Canada and that the impact of COVID-19 on commercial vehicle operations across the country has been unprecedented and has to be acknowledged.

Alghabra stated that the Ministry of Transportation will be working with provinces and territories, as well as the commercial transportation industry in order to ensure the successful and effective implementation of a full enforcement while soft enforcement is in place.

This, Alghabra explains, will allow the industry time to properly comply with the ELD mandate; obtain and install certified ELDs without penalty. Past the initial compliance date of June 12, 2021, the Ministry of Transportation will be sticking to soft enforcing and working on educating truckers and trucking companies, in order to make them aware of the mandate, its requirements, and its effects.

As part of the Canadian government’s ELD mandate, truckers and trucking companies are required to install ELDs that have been properly certified by an accredited third-party certification body, which is a part of the mandate that its US counterpart doesn’t have. The government put up a website with a list of approved devices, though, as of early March, it didn’t have any approved devices listed.

Cross-border truckers have stated their concerns regarding the mandate, especially regarding whether or not they’ll be able to comply. According to US’s Zonar, there isn’t any indication that the Canadian ELD mandate will approve of any device that only complies with the US ELD mandate.