Common SEO Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Understanding SEO is an important discipline in marketing in today’s internet age. If people want their sites to receive lots of traffic, then they have to keep up with the ever-evolving algorithms employed by search engines in order to make sure that those King Kong SEO reviews and the like stay positive.

Of course, no one’s perfect. While trying to make sure they meet SEO demands, a few businesses make a few missteps that actually hurt, instead of help them.  

This isn’t all of them, but here’s a few common mistakes that you want to avoid, to give you a good idea.

Ignoring that Google listing

That Google My Business listing matters. Remember, not only is Google huge, it also prioritizes results closer to the location of the user during searches, so helping out by filling out the listing can amount to a lot. It’s a huge opportunity to note your location, provide info, and other questions.

Only sticking to on-site SEO

Most businesses still erroneously believe that all SEO is on-site. Not so. Putting content about your site on other sites, that have links to it, and has captivating, meaningful content is great for bringing attention to your sites, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Ignoring page titles and meta descriptions

Having a site with “Home” as its page title isn’t a good idea. Page titles and meta descriptions take little effort to edit, while being incredibly useful for SEO. If pages that talk about King Kong SEO reviews say so in their URL, then it makes them easy to identify, and, in turn, find.

Leaving old URLs structures in place

See, your sites’ URLs is basically the label. If you replace something with a label, rendering it unusable and obsolete, then obviously, you want to use the label on the new thing. This is particularly pronounced with websites, as not redirecting to the new site means you lose traffic to it, and leaves a bad impression.

Putting important info in images

Texts on images, for the most part, don’t play well with search engines. Sure, it’s easier to just make something that’s pretty looking, but algorithms can’t really read text in images.