Consumer Reports Tips When Buying A New Mattress

Has your mattress reached the end of its usable life? If you wake up tired and achy or if the mattress that has started to sag and looks lumpy, it is probably the right time to buy a new mattress.  If you do not buy a replacement mattress, you will sleep more comfortably in a hotel bed.

Consumer Reports offer the following shopping tips:

  1. If the store allows, lie down on the mattress you are considering. Don’t mind the salesperson that is always in a hurry to make a sale. Don’t feel pressured and take your time to determine whether you will be comfortable sleeping on the mattress. Wear your most comfortable clothes and shoes that can be easily removed.
  2. If you are shopping online for a mattress, make sure to read the return policies. Return periods differ according to the store but make sure that they offer full refund or credit for another mattress. Some retailers like Macy’s and Sears charge 15% restocking fee. Search for online retailers that offer free pickup for refund or exchange because you might be required to pay for returning the mattress to the store.
  3. If you are buying a mattress from a brick and mortar store, don’t forget to try your haggling powers. There are some stores with fixed prices but some retailers will allow you to negotiate the price. Check out clearance sales and special discounts to get a cheaper mattress; however, make sure the mattress is not damaged.
  4. Do not be bullied into buying a box-spring because you may not need it. On your innerspring mattress, the box spring is the wooden frame that encloses the stiff wire. It is covered with a type of fabric that matches with the mattress. Some brands may require you to buy the box-spring to enjoy full warranty coverage.

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