Design Ideas For Customer Review Pages

It’s probably not hyperbole to say that someone, somewhere, is reading an online review every minute. With the way that a single King Kong digital agency review and the like have over people’s opinion, it’s no surprise that companies do what they can to make the most of them.

One approach to this is to have a customer review page on your site. If that’s how you want to go about with things, here are some design ideas that might help.

Keep it short and sweet

You don’t need a long testimonial exalting the quality of your product, service, and/or brand; as the old meme goes: “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. Keep things nice and concise.

Show off the fans

As mentioned before, these pages are all about short-form content, so it’s a good idea to pick 15-20 of the most glowing 50-word reviews from your customers, then list them down on your reviews, complete with a picture of the reviewer off to the side.

Show it off like Pinterest

Another option is to go for the tile setup, where the reviews are displayed in little boxes put near each other. It may or may not have an image, but it’s also, in general, an easier design to work with, while also allowing for a more generous word count.

Video reviews

Some people really can’t be bothered to read. If you feel like that’ll be the case for visitors to your site, then video reviews are the way to go. A video King Kong digital agency review does a lot, as it allows for something longer while also giving a face to your satisfied customers.