Designing your website is a key part of setting up your online brand. If you want to stand out from all the other hotels in Sukhumvit on the internet, you’ll want a good, well-designed site that represents you properly; who you are, what you offer, that sort of thing.

There’s a lot of things you do and add to your site that can enhance it, but having too much is detrimental, as such, it’s best to know what’s the most relevant to you, as a hotel operator. Here’s some tips to help.

Why is good web design so important.

First, let’s talk about why you’re going through all this trouble. Simply put, your site’s design is key to growing your business online; for hotels this means increasing direct bookings and the like. With a site design that’s optimized and user  friendly, you’ll not only be providing potential bookers with the info they need for their trip and an easy and convenient way to book directly through you; you’ll be making a good first impression for your hotel. See, that’s the thing; the corporate website isn’t just a tool for advertising or a platform for views, it’s the online persona of the company. With the internet being such a key part of everyone’s lives these days, that is a huge deal.

Getting started:

  • Assess the images and text on your page. For the images, make sure they’re high-res images that are bright, vibrant and colourful so that they stand out. A mix of people and the property itself works best, both being essential to making your property seem appealing. Text should be informative, but concise; they tell what needs telling and doesn’t clutter the page.
  • Implement a responsive design. That means your site adjusts to the device of the visitor, which is essential to mobile visitors, and, consequently, booking, as well as to ensuring your site can be found amidst the many hotels in Sukhumvit, ranking high on search engines.
  • Consider integration. Integrating your hotel’s management system with your site and providing customers access to your online booking engine will allow you to take direct bookings and payments from your site, which is just plain convenient for both sides. What’s not to like?