Designs To Give Your Website A Yuletide Touch



There is less than a hundred days before Christmas. Soon Christmas trees, decorations and lights will be everywhere. Let your website initiate the holiday spirit.

Here are ideas of festivity touches to decorate your website. It’s never too early for a Christmas present; consider this as our first gift to you.

Say yes to snow

Everybody dreams of a white Christmas so why don’t you give them a snow they can enjoy when they visit your website. This means visitors from countries without winter get to enjoy the snow too. You can make the effect gentle or you can go all the way for a snow storm too.

Change the style of your landing page to Christmas

A festive landing page will grab your visitor’s attention towards the seasonal deals and content you have. Having an eye-catching landing page paves way towards greater sales and profits during the most financially demanding time of the year.

A Christmas boosted landing page which matches your highlighted items will lead to an ultimate call to action. The yuletide page will not only give a festive feel but it will also increase conversion rates. Aside from the design, do not forget to prioritize the quality and uniqueness of the content in your page. Make sure the content is appropriate and helpful.

Host a Christmas contest

Creating a competition boosts the engagement of visitors with your site. Contests can be held to increase Facebook page likes, Twitter followers and blog subscribers. People enjoy contests no matter what the prize is. Paper Mart gift boxes are affordable prizes you can give.

Before starting the competition, plan it very well. What is your goal for the contest? What is your budget? How will the contest increase web traffic? What will be the mechanics of the competition?

Add images which speak Christmas

Christmas trees are not just for houses and offices; they can go to your website too! Stockings, snowmen and presents are other images you can put on your website. Just be careful not to over-do it.

Restyle Your Web Logo

Just a simple Santa’s hat atop your logo will do the trick. But if you have plenty of time to spare, you can completely twist your logo to jive the holiday feel.