Ecommerce Guide To Optimizing Product Images

For an ecommerce site, one of the most important factors for a higher conversion is to post product images that are highly optimized. Despite its importance, many ecommerce sites still fail to make sure that the optimization process is done. Optimization is good not only for the speed of the page loading but as well as the SEO or Search Engine Optimization of the site. There are five basic steps you can do to make sure your product images are optimized:

  • There are many types of file on the internet. The key is choosing the right one. There are many new formats in imaging that one might be curious to try such as the WebP standard but the most commonly used are the three most popular image file formats – PNGs, JPEGs and GIFs. GIFs are ideal for simple images and icons that do not have too much color on them which are not ideal for a product image shot professionally for consumers viewing. This means you only have two options left, either use PNGs or JPEGs. JPEGs are ideal for images that are complex with varying tones and gradients in order to achieve a real-life look. With this format, the file size can also be compressed but the only downside is that transparency is not possible. PNGs, on the other hand, especially the PG32 version will give you the same quality as JPEGs with transparency option but the size of the images will be bigger.
  • Your ecommerce site should display images that are right for what the site is looking for in terms of size. Know the maximum dimensions of the pixel needed and resize your images as necessary.
  • SEO is important in an ecommerce website and the filename of the images can also help. This is why it is important to name your files accordingly using relevant keywords.
  • After naming and resizing, the next thing you should do is to compress the image.
  • Lastly, do not forget to add another important factor which could boost your SEO which is the Alt Text.

A good ecommerce website such as selling bathroom furniture should not compromise the quality of the images used but the images should be well optimized so that it will not present a hassle to the consumers.