Effectively Using Colors In Web Design


Color is an important part of web design no matter if your website is all about creating blogs, selling or promoting a product like a product designer tool. Historically, master painters such as Picasso or Michelangelo have been able to harness and fully manipulate the power of colors, effectively applying it on their canvas and creating works of art. But in this digital age, web designers are now able to do the same in their websites. When you choose colors that you will use for your website, you must know important aspects such as complementation, contrast and vibrancy. You should also know that every color represents an emotion that you can use on your target audience.

  1. Have you ever wondered why most warning signs make use of the color red? Well, it’s because red attracts the most attention. If you truly want to stimulate your viewers then red is the color for you. Red symbolizes power, importance and the youth. But you should also be careful when using this color because overstimulation can be frustrating for the viewers. Also, it is a color of anger.
  2. This color has a lot of shades and each shade expresses a different intensity of emotion making yellow a versatile color. It is an energetic color but without the intensity of red. Lighter shades of yellow give a feeling of comfort and vigor while darker shades, even gold, will give the viewers a sense of timelessness, wisdom, splendor and antiquity.
  3. This color is the ‘in-between’ color. It has the energy of the light colors while also giving a relaxing effect like the color blue. Green promotes growth, stability, finances and the environment.
  4. Blue is one the cool colors. Even though it has a lot of shades, all of them give off a feeling of relaxation. The color blue promotes reliability, calmness, safety and openness.
  5. Black, although it is considered not a color, it is one of the most powerful shades to use and is the strongest of the more neutral colors. It promotes elegance, timelessness, power, sophistication and even edginess.
  6. White, like black, is not a color but it is a favorite of minimalists and those who prefer simple designs. White promotes purity, cleanliness and virtue.