Elements of Good Web Design: If Your Website Have These, Then You’ve Done Right

Although plans may vary depending on what you want for your website, there are certain elements that you should use to further enhance your website. New developments are made every day for web design. It is not recommended to use all of them but adding a few could effectively boost your website. If you have three or more of these elements in your website, then you are definitely doing a good job.

1. Easy Navigation

Of all the features that you should complicate, navigation shouldn’t be one of those. Navigation is meant to be an easy and user friendly feature to provide great user experience. Always remember, the easiest navigation can extend user interaction with your website.

You should also integrate some tools to help your viewers navigate through your website like directional arrows or a list that responds through cursor interaction.

2. Effective Use of Space

Space usage is critical in web design. Using space effectively can increase the readability of the contents in your website. Nowadays, websites are leaving out vast spaces and increasing the line spacing to provide focus on a certain item or subject. Babandoo.com is a good example for space usage. Babandoo, a review and comparison website has effectively used the spaces to give focus on the reviews and comparisons shown in their website.

3. About Us Section

The About Us section is important because it lets users know more about the website they are visiting. The About Us section helps people understand who you and what you aim to do. It should include your goals, visions and beliefs including user testimonials and other stories. Do not try to prolong this section. Keep it at a minimum.

4. Typography

Text design is effective in enticing users to read the content of your website. Good typography can effectively convince viewers into continuing on with your website. Effective use of typography such as the text fonts and sizes can help with navigation and adds attraction to your website. Just make sure that the typography of your website is relevant to your industry and purpose.

5. Contact Information

This element is important since it is the one that allows your users to contact and interact with you. Make sure that you have provided authentic contact information. You should make this section highly visible. It can appear on the home page, or it can have a separate page dedicated to it.