Emerging Trends in Packaging for 2015

In light of constant innovations and how people are always looking for something new, many packaging companies are expecting a new trend that will be introduced for 2015. It is expected that many businesses will re-design and re-brand their packaging to provide a fresh look to their customers. Whether the goal is simply to refresh a design or to attract more customers, packaging will continue to be a significant element in marketing and promoting the brand name and products. It is significant though that design is right and ethical policies in packaging are followed.

Emerging New Trends in Packaging for 2015

Personalized Packaging

With social media marketing, brands have become more approachable and accessible to consumers. In response, brands are developing an online personality and they are now transferring these online identities into offline marketing through the use of more personalized product packaging. Typography and color used is more or less similar to what is used in web design in order to give packaging more charm and character.

Hyper-Functional Packaging

In web design, the goal of the web designer is to provide the user with a different experience through the right use of colors, fonts and other features. In packaging the same elements are employed because they want to provide an added value when the customer receives the product at his doorstep. Hyper-functional packaging goes beyond its initial requirements. The design is usually simple but it a good presentation box that can be transformed into a reusable and stylish product.

Differentiation using Design

If web design changes the color of the logo, customers will have a different perception of the brand. The same goes for packaging because a change in weight or packaging material will immediately change the customer’s perception of quality and value. However, if the brand offers different types of products differentiation in packaging will help customers to immediately recognize the product. It is expected that brands will provide their packaging with unique labeling and packaging design for the coming year.

On the other hand, it remains important to consider the environmental effects of packaging particularly if they are using packing materials for consumables. Food companies must always consider the impact of their disposal packaging to the environment and whether recycling can be an option.