Gain An Impression Through Homepage Design

Your homepage is the virtual front door to your website; if visitors do not like what they see, they simply hit on the back button. It is very important to design the homepage carefully otherwise, you do not get the second chance to gain an impression. However, it takes more than just beauty alone because you have to utilize a combination of different web design elements.

  • Homepage design should clearly state who you are. If you are a giant corporation like Coca Cola, you can get away without any description of the company but if you are small business offering personalized canvas prints, you have to describe who you are to be acquainted with the visitor.
  • Homepage design must always resonate with your target audience. Identify the target audience of personalized canvas prints and speak to them in their language. Eliminate the fluff and speak to them simply without the corporate gobbledygook.
  • Homepage design must influence the visitor to stay longer on the site. The homepage is the best place for your value propositions so that your visitors will opt to stay and not navigate to a competitive site.
  • Homepage design must be optimized for mobile. A mobile optimized web design is very important in today’s generation that is very reliant on their Smartphone. Make sure that homepage design is easy to navigate without unnecessary elements that get in the way of browsing.
  • Homepage design must always include call-to-action buttons. Remember that the goal of the homepage is to influence visitors to stay longer on the site. Tell them what they should do with call-to-action buttons like “Free trial,” “Learn more” or “Buy now.”
  • Homepage design is always changing. Homepage design need not always be static; it can change to dynamic content to reflect on the needs, questions and problems of visitors.

It is very critical for homepage design to invoke trust. It also makes sense to make navigation user friendly so that visitors will not be overwhelmed or get lost in the pages. There are different web design elements available for use like whitespace, color, fonts, call-to-action placement and layout so that the homepage will generate a god impression.