Google Adds Domain Information In Search Results Update

Early February 2021, Google launched an update for its search engine results pages, which brings up more information about domains, aimed at helping users find information on sources without having to run multiple searches.

Google added the information via a new three-dot icon (akin to an ellipsis turned to its side), which appears on the top right corner of search results. This icon will bring up a card that shows more information about a search result, including the following:

  • Domain description
  • Security details
  • The complete URL of the search result
  • A listing showing whether or not the result is organic or an ad

Additionally, these new cards also let users quickly access their privacy settings, with a link to a video from Google explaining how search works.

Google explained that most, not all, search results will have this new bit attached, depending on whether or not a specific domain has a Wikipedia entry, as the search engine uses information on Wikipedia for this new update. That means that the snippets can’t be helped out with on-site optimization methods, as well as excluding smaller sites that don’t have Wikipedia pages.

The search engine’s intention is to provide searchers with better information about the sites they might visit. All added context is accessible without actually visiting any of the listed sites.

Google won’t be adding on-page content in their SERPs as part of the update, with information in the cards only relating to the domain itself, effectively rendering it mostly separate from king kong SEO reviews and the like.

The update rolled out late February 1, 20201 across desktop, and mobile, as well as Google’s iOS and Android app.