Google Friendly, Use SEO Wisely

Google has been a good friend to business owners, researchers, consumers and many more. While it is free, it is also a great medium of information about brands. It promotes consumer awareness. The company widens its range and continues to provide enhanced and well-organized results to users. Who will be a better ally in order to succeed in search engine optimization other than Google?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process of improving the hits to websites for higher rankings in a search engine. Any website dreams of seeing their own in the first page of search engine results since the first few results are the ones which get million hits.

Aside from the knowledge of basic HTML or hypertext mark-up language and website creation, it is better for web designers to get a hang of the simple steps to a successful use of SEO.

1. Web Structure

A website is like a building. Before an architect will be able to build it, he needs a plan. This goes the same as to web design. Web designers must plan beforehand on the connections of each web page that they will create.

2. Navigation

Make the site navigation friendly by providing buttons, links, and a sitemap for your users to easily be able to browse contents.

3. Page titles, meta tags, descriptions for images and links

Targeting the users would not be enough. You must also know how the search engine’s perspective works. The search engine must be able to read your attributes to be able to understand them and make use of them to optimize results.

4. Robots.txt

This should be included in your websites directory to avoid irrelevant posts, spam, and unwanted stuffs. You need to direct the search engine on which directories can be crawled or not.

5. Content and Promotion

After hitting the base in SEO techniques, you need to make sure that what you did will be worth it by making sure that you have content that is useful and of good quality. Social media and other mediums of internet marketing will always be a big help.

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