How Design Crowdfunding On A Website

Crowd funding has become extremely popular as people and businesses try to find ways to raise money for a cause. Philanthropic crowdfunding campaigns must have a website that will unite users towards a common goal. The website plays a key role in mobilizing the followers and influencing them to open their wallets.

It is important for the website to promote trust and satisfaction among the donors to encourage consistent participation and engagement. By being transparent with communications, the audience will feel that they a part of the crowdfunding campaign. There must be built-in methods for visitors and backers to contact the site easily. Simple contact forms will allow the audience to respond as quickly as they’re able.

It is important for a crowdfunding website to be responsive because 15% of donations are made through mobile devices. If the site is not mobile friendly, visitors will be frustrated and you will miss out on crucial donation. The site must be functional and appealing across different devices.

The checkout system of the site must be simple and seamless. If there are too many steps, users and potential backers will be discouraged. There must be a trusted payment getaway that is tested regularly for potential friction that might prevent users from checking out.

Quality content must always be provided as you run the campaign. The site must be furnished with blog posts, articles and relevant information so that the audience will continue with their engagement even after the campaign ends. A wealth of valuable content will encourage users to stick around, interact and join the band of followers.

Navigation must be simple and user friendly so that visitors will quickly find what they are searching for. There must be special pages with information, updates and contact forms that will be dedicated to the campaign and backers. Visual elements must be consistent to inspire confidence in the campaign.

The momentum for Philanthropic crowdfunding campaigns can be kept by linking the site to social media accounts. It will allow followers to engage with the site in multiple ways. Social media can be the avenue for followers to receive updates of campaigns and share links.