How The Color Used In Web Design Influences Visitor Response

It is common for businesses to include Google Map on their website so that consumers can easily find their location. Another type of map that some businesses use is illustrated maps that are crafted from a favorable vantage point using color, style and a lot of creativity. You can find different examples of illustrated maps from their website with information on the illustrative techniques used.

One of the most powerful tools used in the creation of illustrated maps is color. It is also the tool used by web designers to attract attention, express meaning, start conversations and enhance customer loyalty. The choice of good color is not based on whim; it needs careful planning to influence how a visitor interprets what they see.

Color is as important to web design as layout and copywriting. Color can gain a reaction from the visitor. It can also influence the visitor to respond to calls to action. Visitor’s emotions can be stirred by color and help them store and process images more efficiently than those in black and white. Color is the tool that websites use to improve brand recognition. However, the colors used in web design must always complement the brand.

Businesses that have an established brand must start with colors that are already used by the brand before adding new colors. Colors chosen must represent the emotions that the brand wants to convey. For large demographics, it is essential to make a research on what colors will resonate with them.

The target audience must respond to the colors chosen. Understand the current trends to help you create the right color scheme. In order to create harmony, start with a dominant color before you work your way towards the lighter colors. Darker colors tend to be seen first and carry more visual weight in web design.

Illustrated maps are not generally drawn according to strict scale but they show major landscape features in perspective. Landmarks and buildings are enhanced to provide the viewer with a customary sense of recognition. Through their website, you will gain an insight on how illustrated maps can be used to attract the attention of potential customers.