How To Gain A Portion Of The Traffic Coming From Mobile Devices

If you are thinking of a Maths tutor for your child, the biggest benefit that can be gained is the boost in confidence. Low test scores in math can be very stressful for a child but with individualized attention from the tutor, the child can manage his lessons more easily. However, how will you choose the best tutor for your child?

You can now use the mobile phone to search for a home tutor. You are guaranteed a good experience when you use the mobile phone to access a mobile-friendly website. Businesses make sure that they have a mobile-friendly website to gain a portion of the huge traffic coming from mobile users.

Responsive web design works well for visitors who use either their desktop or mobile phone. The same content and information can be accessed because the website changes the way that it is displayed and arranged according to the device used. Responsive web design is also good for SEO because Google prefers the format for mobile websites.

People who use their mobile device to browse the net usually want to find information the fastest way possible. Others do not mind waiting as long as they can read content clearly. It is important for web designers to place information in the most obvious and easy to find place on the mobile homepage.

For example, parents looking for a Maths tutor will search for FAQ when they visit the website. It makes sense to put all the answers on the front or center of the mobile homepage so that they will be easy to find.

Using Flash on web design is an SEO mistake because it can slow down the page’s loading time. Flash does not work on all browsers and Android and iOS devices. You might miss the opportunity of interacting with mobile users.

There are children who need the extra help in their studies. The Maths tutor can identify which possible aspects of the lesson that the child can’t understand. The extra help provided can improve the grades and the child’s confidence. The tutor will provide individualized attention that the child deserves.