How To Increase Conversion Rates For A Dental Website

Results of a research revealed that an average dental website has an alarming 70% bounce rate. You thought that your website looks great but 7 out of 10 visitors are leaving immediately upon arrival. The reason is visitors think they do not have to make an effort to find information. When a dental website does not provide a seamless experience, visitors lose patience and look elsewhere.

The key “money pages” for a dental practice is the homepage, team, treatment, gallery, fees and contact us page. All these elements must be present on the web pages to gain leads and conversions. In effect, a beautiful website will fail to deliver patients if necessary purchase beacons are missing and if it fails to communicate the information that users want to find with minimal effort.

Most dentists have high personal conversion rates. Very few users will book an appointment if there is no strong reason to transact. The dental website must quickly lead each user to quickly contact the practice without any unnecessary obstacles and distractions. Patients want to see the dental office’s address and telephone number as quickly as possible.

Visitors must immediately see the treatment provided without the need to click or hover on “treatment” on the navigation menu. Core treatments that the dental practice offers must be visible without the need to scroll. They must not be hidden deep in the site.

There has been a huge shift in the way people interact with websites.  All the key elements must be placed in the homepage to ensure that the maximum number of visitors will engage and browse with a minimal number of clicks. Websites must be designed for patients and should efficiently convert whoever visits the homepage. Since the eyes will naturally look towards the top right of the age, the key call to action must be highlighted in that location.

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