How To Increase Sales Through Web Design

The main goal why sellers create a website is to provide an avenue for buyers where they can either purchase the product or inquire about the services they are offering. This is the same for dealers selling Honda motorcycles in the UK because they wanted to reach as much customers as possible. This is what web designers refer to as conversion rate and it is only possible when your lead turns into a paying customer. There are websites with very high traffic but their conversion rate is quite low. If this is the same case as your website, you have to know the reason why. While there are a few factors that affect the customer’s decision to purchase, there are elements in the web design worth evaluating to see if they improve conversion rate.

  • Evaluate the colours you use for your call-to-action button. According to research, websites with green CTA buttons decided to change them and noticed an increase in their conversion rate. Science said that people suffering from colour blindness are most likely not able to identify colours green and red. If majority of your customers are women, use green, blue and purple while for men it is recommended to use black, green and blue. Shy away from orange and brown.
  • Companies have reported conversion rate increase after they added product videos to their website. Videos are also effective for B2B companies or those offering their services rather than a physical product.
  • Remember that people want to see what they need right away. Do not put important links and information at the bottom of the page where they most likely won’t visit but rather it should be at the top of the page where it is visible even without scrolling down. Not everything can be crammed on the homepage thus links to important pages should be visible as well.
  • For dealers offering Honda motorcycles in the UK, do not forget to attach trust symbols on your website. This can be simple bade from Yelp or other form of online sites where users can leave reviews or it can be a certification from Honda itself that you are an authorized distributor of their products.