How To Optimize Web Forms For Mobile Devices

One of the important elements that can be found in website design is forms. There are various versions of WordPress forms that provide functionality to a website. If you want to compare WPForms you can start your search on WPwebshop that compares the premium versions of WPForms and Gravity Forms.

Web forms like contact page or the option to subscribe in the newsletter are used in web design to help collect important information.  However, forms must also be available to users that navigate websites using their mobile device. A number of factors must be taken into consideration from the size of mobile screen to how the form will be aligned.

Online users are accustomed to speed in the response time of web pages as well as web forms. When the user wants to subscribe to the newsletter, sends a message or purchases an item, he expects the process to be simple and quick. For speed, forms must only contain the necessary fields and information for users who browse the net from their desktops and mobile devices.

Since mobile devices have smaller screens than computers, it is important to consider this detail in designing web forms. A standard practice is to make the form vertically aligned instead of horizontally aligned so that it will adapt naturally to the format of the smartphone.

A vertically aligned form will allow the user to see all the fields that have to be filled up while it remains visible as the user is completing information. It is unlikely for a user to leave an empty field by mistake because he sees the entire form, what information has to be completed and what is missing.

On the mobile device, users scroll to view the whole page. If the web form has more than 4 fields, the user needs to scroll to view the whole form. This can be avoided by using drop-down menus.

There are free versions of WPForms but they might not provide the features you need. Two of the best premium WordPress plugins are WPForms and Gravity Forms that are both powerful and easy to use. You can compare the premium options through WPwebshop before making a confident choice.