How To Use Customer Reviews In The Marketing Strategy

Customer reviews have become a very powerful tool for marketers today. Thanks to social media, blogs and third-party review sites like Indeed, consumers and B2B customers can now share their opinions about a product, service or brand quickly and easily.

According to surveys, purchase decisions are heavily influenced by online customer reviews. Adult consumers routinely check online reviews before purchasing a product or service. Customers frequently share their feedback through social media to convince their family and friends to buy the product or service based on their personal experience.

Given the global trend of online shopping, marketers must know the perception of satisfied customers and why they give some companies a high approval rating. Businesses that make it their priority to respond to customer reviews are highly appreciated by consumers. However, the response must not be standard but a unique statement that is written in an appealing manner.

Customer reviews play a big role in shaping a brand’s reputation. For example, car brand Kia has a dedicated page on its website for customer reviews and ratings of their car models. Nissan has a Q&A page where customers can freely talk about the advantages of owning a Nissan Leaf model. Sharing customer reviews on the website is a great way to market a product convincingly to potential customers.

A digital marketing agency considers king kong marketing reviews as an important part of their sales and customer retention flow. They encourage employees to post their opinions and suggestions on review sites so that potential customers will have an insight on how the company works behind-the-scenes.