How Web Design Was Transformed From Being Utilitarian To A Work Of Art

Some websites have become uninteresting and boring in today’s modern digital age. Internet users are bored with the template-driven and generic frameworks of widely popular content management systems. Portals that are aiming to convey information or create brand awareness for a product are afraid to break out of the usual norm.

Immense marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are utilitarian in their approach to layout and design providing an example for small brands to follow. However, it is important to keep in mind that these web designs were created when the computing technology and processing were still in their infancy. Web designers were forced to keep everything simple so that pages can load quickly.

With the introduction of 4G wireless connectivity, processors that are associated with high-speed calculations and network providers that are offering generous data packages, the previous constraints have been lifted. People now witness web designs that look like works of art.

There is a breed of disobedient web designers who have redefined the art of design by defying that visual conformity that has over-saturated the digital age. This breed has used the latest technologies to deliver progressive aesthetics that are associated with high fashion magazines to the World Wide Web. Web designers are taking their designs to a new level to create a branding that is retained in the memories of consumers long after they have left the page.

Of course, user friendly navigation remains important but web design must have that emotional connection that extends beyond homogenization. Websites exhibit that organic feel without the superfluous fluff and annoying pop-ups. Many web designers have also embraced the minimalistic appeal and make a lot of sense today.

At some extent, websites can be considered as art galleries where art is contained within 4 walls. Distractions are minimal to draw the attention of consumers to the message being imparted by the design.

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