Importance Of Balance Between Image Size And Resolution In Web Design

When creating a website for a city, it is important to ensure that images are amazing. Images of the city’s landmarks can be used but a better option is an artistic bird’s eye view city map with streets, buildings and landmarks made from a creative color palette. The image looks good, loads quickly and makes the site easy for search engines to index.

Images for a website can be photographed professionally or chosen from high quality stock photo sites that provide free photos that can be downloaded for commercial use. However, when an image is downloaded it is very likely to be a big JPEG file that has to be compressed for the website. Starting with a large image is better because it can be made smaller. Making a small image appear larger does not work well.

If you are not particularly knowledgeable with JPG, PNG, GIF AND SVG, it is very likely that the website uses JPEG (JPG) or a PNG format. When photographs are saved and uploaded as JPGs, it can handle all the colors of the photograph in a small and efficient file size. Using JPEGs will ensure that you will not end up with an enormous file when you save a photograph as PNG.

When using an image for a website, it is important to find a right balance between size and resolution because a high resolution will result into a larger file size. High resolution images look good in print but they can slow down the web page’s speed. Not only will slow loading time impact on user experience, it can also hurt search engine rankings.

What you need for print is usually much larger than what you need for a website. The number of bytes that the file takes up on the computer can make loading slow. A reasonable size for an image is 125kilobyte with 72dpi to 92dpi.

Meanwhile, if you need bird’s eye view city map, there is a creative map illustrator that can draw a scene as it looks from above at an oblique view. Although the map drawing is not done according to strict scale, the prominent parts of the landscape are enhanced for a feeling of immediate identification.