The Importance Of Responsive Design For Healthcare Businesses

Responsive design has been introduced in the digital world for quite a while now. It was back in 2012 when it gained popularity after Google’s recommendation as the best strategy to be utilized by websites that are mobile-optimized. The healthcare industry has always been the last to adapt these digital trends thus they have only realized recently the importance of using responsive design strategy in their websites.

Many entities under the healthcare industry, including hospitals, independent practices and healthcare organizations, are hesitant to apple the responsive technology in their websites because it requires redesigning which they consider as high cost investment. This is because majority of them are still establishing their presence online for the last 5 to 10 years. Marketing healthcare is not like before because majority of the mobile users are not accessing their smartphones, tablets and mobile gadgets when they want to search for information regarding healthcare, when looking for providers or if they want to read reviews regarding specific hospitals in the area.

  • While the cost of adapting responsive technology in a website may be considered as a huge investment for many healthcare practices, the cost of creating a separate website that can cater to mobile applications are sometimes equal and in some cases, responsive technology is cheaper. With responsive design, there is no need to update two websites all the time. Cost will further be reduced when marketing agency has only one website to manage, update and troubleshoot. Furthermore, it will drive traffic to the website because more mobile users will be able to access it easily.
  • There is no need to develop a separate mobile application for the healthcare provider because it is only considered a wasted expense. Statistics revealed that 99 per cent of the healthcare apps are only used once after they have been downloaded and eventually forgotten.
  • Healthcare providers will be able to reach more people because majority of internet users are known to access the web using their smartphones and tablets compared to using their personal computers. These users will only be able to reach through a website with responsive design. Healthcare IT solutions should be able to recognize that without a responsive design, you only limit the reach of your marketing campaign.