The Importance of Responsive Web Design for Mobile Shopping

Mobile shopping for Black Friday 2014 was a record breaker with 62% increase in mobile spending over last year. This report was generated by PayPal that saw a 51% increase in the number of customer usage of mobile PayPal for Black Friday. Thanksgiving in the United States is almost always spent with family and the day after which is Black Friday is a busy shopping day so it is not surprising for many Americans to spend their time using their mobile devices in accessing ecommerce sites instead of sitting down in front of the desktop. If your site is not optimized for mobile platforms, you lose the opportunity to make a good amount of money this holiday season.

How to optimize a site for mobile

Responsive web design is the option to allow a website to adapt to the smaller screen size of mobile gadgets. As the user switches from the desktop to the mobile phone, the website automatically adjusts resolution, image size and scripting abilities to respond to the user’s preferences. Responsive design eliminates the need to have different web designs and development for every new gadget that will soon hit the market. The mobile user need not experience the constraints of having to zoom in and out to read and view content. If separate designs are made for mobile and traditional desktop computers, the implications are higher costs and a less enjoyable experience for a mobile user because he is only able to load the very basic of site content and will ultimately miss out on information he wants to access.

The benefits of responsive web design

Responsive web design is expected to work across a multitude of existing mobile devices in the market as well as new gadgets that will be introduced in the near future. If your ecommerce site is optimized for mobile, consumers will be able to access your site no matter what device is used. It makes online shopping a lot easier for a customer. If you provide a better experience for a customer, it increases your conversion rates because they are more likely to engage with you than go somewhere else where they could not gain the same experience.