How To Make A Website Interactive

Nowadays, one of the best ways to attract visitors on a website is to create interactive and engaging features. There are millions upon millions of website on the internet that are competing for the attention of online users that it is now vital to have features that will easily catch their attention and engage them to stay longer on the site. The fear of many web developers when incorporating interaction is that there is a risk that the users’ browser and setting might not be compatible to the website. Another problem is the loading which can take a lot of time for websites with interactive features. These days interaction is easier to integrate because majority of the websites have been update and most of online users are already provided with high speed internet.

An interactive website is not meant for all. You have to maintain balance as well as focus on providing a well-designed website. There are a lot of cases wherein the website incorporated too much interaction and eventually ended up losing visitors in the process – this could result to a revenue loss for businesses. Here are some things to keep in mind before transforming your website into an interactive one:

  • You must develop a visual hierarchy if the website’s content is the most important feature. You should not integrate elements that will take the attention of the user from the content. You must also make sure that the UI you utilize can be easily distinguished from the website content and will not blend in with other features on the pages such as the footer. Developing a visual hierarchy will let you see a bird’s eye view of the website’s design in its entirety to easily make it optimum for the user’s engagement.
  • You should give importance to the UI as well as the UX. You have to consider your page as the UI of you desire to make it interactive. The elements targeted for engaging visitors should be designed well to make it intuitive and fits the structure. Reward of positive experience should be given to visitors that are able to utilize the UI. The challenge with creating an interactive website is that its complexity matches that of designing a mobile application.
  • There should be adequate direction on the page while giving freedom to users. Just like the website of illustrated maps, there are directions readily available for visitors but they can explore the site as much as they want.