Making A Marketing Review Work

Marketing professionals keep working even after the launch of their marketing campaigns. Occasionally, they need to make adjustments to the campaign in order to ensure it stays up to snuff, and that’s where marketing reviews come in.

While marketing reviews need to be made to match an organization’s unique needs, there are certain elements that make them work.

Past and present campaign audit

One of the first and most important steps to any good marketing review is to look at how the marketing campaign is holding up, past and present:

  • Past and current plans
  • Reports
  • Financial trackers
  • Past and current media
  • Communication activities

The point behind these processes is to pin down what make an organization’s marketing campaigns work; targeting, messaging, creativity and the like need to be analyzed, with the data to be used to figure out what can be done to improve marketing.

Product analysis

If an organization wants to market something, whether it’s a product, a service, or their brand, then they need to understand what they’re marketing. This is why a product analysis is needed. There is, of course, variation based on the subject, but there are basic universal questions:

  • Is the subject a product or service?
  • What is the means of purchase for it?
  • How does it drive revenue?
  • What are its key parts?

Customer analysis

On the other end of the scale, no good king kong marketing review is ever made without knowing who the audience for the marketing campaign is.

Marketing campaigns need to know and understand their audience; they need to know how to intrigue, engage with, and communicate to potential customers.