Navigation Challenges In Responsive Web Design


Navigation in responsive web design is not an issue for the large screens of personal computers but it can be a serious challenge for small screens of mobile devices. Navigation in mobile should strike a balance between quick access to information and unobtrusiveness. There are different techniques used in responsive web design to make navigation efficient for mobile users.

  • Top navigation – is the easiest to implement and ensures maximum compatibility with most devices. Top navigation works well for most mobile users because they can access content as quickly as possible. Core information is immediately present on the page which ensures a good mobile experience. However, top navigation has its drawbacks because devices have different ways of rendering fonts. Text always looks great on iPhones but not when viewed on other devices.
  • Footer anchor – is an excellent solution that keeps the navigation list at the footer of the site. A lot of room is cleared for core content while providing efficient navigation. However, this type of navigation can be a bit disorienting for mobile users who have been used to interacting with highly polished native apps.
  • Select menu – is a type of navigation that transforms a list of links into a select menu. It is a clever way to create more space and at the same time avoid the challenges of top navigation. It is also easier for most mobile users to figure out. However, it lacks style and the select menu can stick out like a sore thumb in a sophisticated web design.
  • Toggle – is similar to the footer approach but instead of a navigation at the bottom of the page, the menu slides open right in the header. It is relatively easy to implement but is might not be as smooth as you would like to in some devices. On the other hand, this type of mobile navigation is one of the more classy approaches.

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