New Trends In Web Design – What Wins In 2016?

New Trends In Web Design – What Wins In 2016

Industry trends come and go and so do web design techniques. Every year, web design changes and web developers have to adapt to the changes to remain competitive in the industry. One example is responsive web design that became a trend. It is still being perfected in terms of performance, speed and design; however, new trends are emerging that web designers have to watch out for.

One of the new trends in web design is how to showcase navigation to make it usable no matter the screen used for viewing content. There are some unexpected places where the navigation can be placed and still look good. Expect to see more experimentation while figuring out navigations and menus.

Scrolling increases readership but for 2016, you can anticipate sites with less scrolling. Long scrolling has its benefits because it feels more natural and easy than clicking; however, it makes it quite difficult to find information. Shorter scrolls get to the point immediately but because of the speed, bounce rates tend to increase. How about no-scroll where all you need is presented without scrolling further? It will be interesting to find out the real winner in 2016.

Instead of mocking up entire layouts, web design is moving towards modular and component design for a particular web page. Components involve designing search function and how it will work. It also includes how navigation will be laid out. These elements have to be designed separately but in such a way that they will work well with the rest of the site.

Flat design is expected to continue this 2016 and websites that are already making use of flat design will make the effort to make them even flatter. If you look at Google’s logo, it is flatter with the cleaner san serif font. It became easier to read on small screens of smartphones. Web designers have more understanding of flat design and they are expected to use it for their forthcoming projects.

Like web design,ribbon also has new applications. Ribbons are still used for traditional applications like adornment but lately, ribbons are being used in bottles bound for the waste bin to turn them into something beautiful and unique.