Popular Website Design Of 2018

Three months into the year and we have already prevailing trends when it comes to website design. Majority of these are recommended for businesses such as companies selling solar panels on the Gold Coast to help increase their conversion rate.

  • Typography takes centre stage this year as it becomes a more powerful element. The rule of thumb is the bigger the font size, the better. The basic ones we love and know such as Helvetica are still key players but web designers are trying out new typefaces in the market. This year, serifs are making a comeback and there are sites that chose to use serif along with sans-serif.
  • Though we love minimalistic and neutral colours, bolder ones are increasing in popularity this year. The shift is greatly influenced by recent tools such as Khroma wherein it provides designers a new perspective in using bold colours. This is where creativity will come in as they try to figure out colours that will be suitable for personalization a well as customization features of a website.
  • For businesses such as solar installers, it is important that customers know what they are offering as soon as they land on the homepage of a website. It is crucial because they are more likely to leave if they do not understand the goal of a certain website. This is when it is useful to employ web animation because complex ideas can easily be interpreted in just a short time.
  • Website design had a good year in 2017 because of the rise of animated visuals along with data representation by using 3D perspective. To make it more effective, data storytelling should be utilized. This is accomplished when design is used to communicate complicated information in a simple manner to their visitors. Designers are also turning to new technologies in order to perform data storytelling.
  • While many believe flat design to be almost obsolete, experts believe that it will be able to adapt in order to maintain its relevance to the design industry. When e-commerce sites such as businesses offering solar panels on the Gold Coast chose to use Flat Design 2.0, they must recognize that balance is important for it to be an effective component.