The Functions Of Web Design

Being on the World Wide Web requires a good web design to ensure the visibility of your business. This is one of the steps in order to increase the growth of your viewers and revenue. Thus, with all the competitions around, regardless of the type and size of your business, giving importance to web design is a must. This also means that you should know how it functions.

  • Your web design should be easy to understand. Not all website viewers want to spend time on analyzing your page. Thus, be sure that your page is self-explanatory. This will make your potential customers avoid asking questions. As a result, they can decide to purchase your product and/service in no time. A page that has complicated navigation and architecture may breed a series of question marks among your audience. An example of a company that can ensure an easy-to-navigate site is King Kong SEO which has worked already with popular businesses.


  • There are users who run out of patience right away. As a website owner, King Kong SEO believes you should not take this for granted. Always think of what can make your users stay on your page. It is best to provide a tool that they can use with minimal actions. The lesser actions they do, the more you encourage them to learn more about your business. Take note that visitors, especially the first timers, would find it tiring if your page requires them to fill out long forms that will not be necessary in the future. Thus, you should allow them to explore your page without compelling them to enter their email address, date of birth, and other private data.


  • You have to focus on users’ attention. While static and dynamic content are provided by online sites, there are user interface aspects that get the attention of users more than what others can do. Keep in mind that the human eye can automatically find edges, movements and patterns. This is why despite the fact that video-based advertisements can be distracting and irritating, they can still get the attention of users.