The Importance Of Navigation For Business Sites

We attended a meeting on the importance of web design in the creation of business websites and there were those guys from Perth Web Design who shared some valuable ideas that I am now sharing with you. A website is a reflection of a business and it is often measured through its quality. While most businesses will simply hire a web designer to do the website, it is important to be involved.

Importance of navigation in web design

If there is something that should never be overlooked by the web designer, it is navigation. Some visitors may enter the site from a different page and if navigation was focused entirely on the homepage, there is a very likely chance for a visitor to get lost. Without proper navigation, visitors can get stuck on a page and they will not be able to explore your site unless they make use of a lot of clicks. Visitors should never be subjected into putting too much of their efforts when they are seeking information from your site because they will certainly lose interest. There is too much competition on the web and it is important to ensure that visitors will be able to access the information they need in the shortest time possible.

You cannot expect your visitors to understand how the site is organized. Good navigation tells them what buttons to click when they want to explore your site. A web designer can make use of primary navigation, secondary navigation, menus or internal linking so that the user will have a good experience. Primary navigation in web design is usually found on top of the page, above the fold. This includes all the key elements of the site from Home, About us or Contact us so that the visitor will easily access what he is looking for.

Secondary navigation can be found on the other pages. One technique that is often used in secondary navigation is sub-header navigation through the use of a footer that matches the order of the elements on the primary navigation. The footer navigation can also be used for other elements like FAQ or News.