The Most Important Aspects Of A Customer Review

One of the most important aspects of a customer review is the star rating. If the star rating on the website or search engine is below 3 stars, consumers will look past the business and turn to a competitor that has received 4 stars or more.

The second most important aspect of customer reviews is the volume of reviews. Most consumers would like to read at least 4 to 6 reviews to validate their purchasing decision. The number could differ depending on the requirements of the consumer.

The quality of reviews is another important factor. Consumers prefer a more detailed review than “Excellent service.” A quality review provides them with the information they seek like whether the product has helped them with their problem or if the service is actually above par.

Unfortunately, business cannot do anything about the quality of reviews. Some customers could write a very convincing essay while others prefer to express their thoughts in 2 or 3 simple words. However, the trick here is to highlight the more detailed review on the website to convert visitors to customers.

Last but not the least is the recency of reviews. Consumers trust reviews that have been written in the last few weeks and not last year.  

A digital marketing agency uses a different strategy to highlight king kong marketing agency review. After asking the permission from the client, they feature the review in a YouTube video to make it more entertaining and engaging to their target audience. Review videos are the trend nowadays because people prefer to watch than read.