Three Tips To Create Effective Instagram Marketing For Your Plastering Business

Having a presence in the social media is a must for all businesses, in order to build a brand and attract the attention of prospective clients. Instagram is a famous social platform at present and has an impressive reach. It can be used as an effective marketing tool to get new business leads and build a brand value.

Instagram can be used effectively by commercial plasterers in Sydney to promote their business. Here are a few tips that help you to design a successful Instagram campaign.

  1. Invest in strategic partnerships

It is easy to open an Instagram account for your company. The main task is to attract followers to your page. The tried and tested formula to increase number of followers is to partner with other Instagram accounts. Do a little bit of research and make a list of Instagram accounts with a huge following of your target audience. Once you have list of these accounts, reach out to them and make strategic partnerships also known as ‘shout-outs’ with them. This helps you to reach out to your target audience faster. You can either opt for unpaid shout-outs also known as share for share, where both the partners get access to each other’s audience or opt for paid shout-outs, which require some payment for a shout-out. For example, upcoming commercial plasterers in Sydney can partner with Instagram accounts of interior designers, interior magazines etc. to reach out to their target audience.

  1. Convert your followers into subscribers

Convert your followers on Instagram into subscribers for your e-mail list. You can do it by creating an attractive and useful bio page. Have a visible and enticing Call to Action on your bio page and link it to your website. Once the bio page is designed, use attractive call-to –action in your photo descriptions to drive the followers to your bio page. Once they reach the bio, they can be lead to the website and be converted into subscribers for your e-mail list.

  1. Content is the key

Invest time in creating amazing content that attracts the target audience. Use appropriate images that resonate with the audience and share your story. Content that connects with the audience is crucial to make them interact with your brand. If you are an upcoming commercial plasterer in Sydney, you can use creative visuals of the latest products along with apt descriptions and call-to-actions to engage your target audience and attract them to your website.