Tips In Choosing A Website’s Colour Scheme

Picking a colour for a website of a Sydney wedding planner can be tricky because it says a lot about the design skills of a planner. It is important to choose wisely the colour scheme that will appeal to the clients as well as relay the message that the brand wanted to convey. Along with picking out a colour scheme, there are other things intertwined in this decision such as the colour of the logo or the website’s headline and the complementary colours that will suit the palette or the use of colours in various parts of the site.

The colours used on the website will impact how much the audience will remember your website. According to data, 85 per cent of shoppers buy a specific product because of the colour while 80 per cent of brands are recognized because of the colours it uses.

For website design, there are three major colours that have to be included. The first is a dominant colour that will speak about the brand and will be used all throughout, second is picking out between one or two accent colours that will complement the website’s colour scheme and last is the background colour which will put finishing touches to the website.

For dominant colours, it will help evoke certain feelings from the audience. Everycolour has a meaning which is important to know because each if these can attract specific types of customers Impulse shoppers tend to respond more to the colours red orange, black and royal blue while shoppers on a budget respond to colours teal and navy blue. For those who are traditional buyers, the colours rose, sky blue and pink hold a certain appeal.

The colour green is used by brands that are connected to nature while yellow speaks about cheerfulness which is attention grabbing. The colour orange evokes enthusiasm which appeals to impulse buyers while red says excitement. Pink is a feminine colour while purple exudes royalty. Blue gives off a trusting vibe, grey is futuristic and black represents power. For the website of a Sydney wedding planner, colours are important as it could impact the couples’ choices.