Tips In Incorporating Images In Web Design

Ask any good web designer and they will tell you that images are important when designing a website. For instance, a tile supplier must use sample images like black and white kitchen tiles in order to showcase their products to interested customer. It is not as simple as uploading a photo but there are a number of factors that must be considered in order for the images to be an effective part of the whole website.

  • Choose the best hero image. A hero image is one that takes up the biggest space in a webpage therefore it must be perfect with high resolution considering that today’s devices have sharper displays and the resolution is important more than ever. This is when you have to play the best card when choosing the hero image which is to be placed on the landing page.
  • Vary the ratio and crop sizes. Your website will not only be viewed on a desktop, many are already using their mobile devices while browsing. Therefore, it is recommended that there should be variations with the image size and its ratio. Crop the image in order to give more focus on the product and remove unnecessary things that could distract the customer when viewing.
  • For an online shop or a business website, it is not right to just use stock images because the customers would like the see the actual products. The images used by online sellers are their own in order to depict their products in real life. The images of the products should be photographed in a consistent manner for customers to see uniformity.
  • Choose images for icons and elements in UI. These should be carefully chosen too. The good news is that you can find stock vector images and use them for icons. The same goes for the UI elements.
  • Pages should have relatable images. With an online shop or business, showcasing the products such as black and white kitchen tiles should be more in line with the page and if not then you can always go for stock images that are relevant.