About Us

Welcome to Thunder Thimble. Here we offer the best and easiest tips in web design. If content is the main course of a website, then it is safe to say that design is the appetizer. Design is very critical when creating a website. If a website is poorly designed, then people might lose interest and end up leaving.

Now this is where we come in. Thunder Thimble aims to help web designers, developers, and even normal people out there who wish to start a website of their own. Business, entertainment or interactive, whatever type of website it may be, we can help you.

Thunder Thimble offers beginners and professionals the visual resource to help them in designing a website. We provide loads upon loads of useful articles about web designing and we update regularly to keep up with the fast-paced modern world.

Thunder Thimble will provide you with useful information on web design like the basics of web design, its elements, Photoshop, imagery, HTML, CSS, Javacsripts and more. We can provide you with ways on how to start your own website, tips on how to integrate SEO to your web design and news regarding the latest trends and upgrades in web designing.

Web design plays an integral role in a website. It can be the catalyst to make a person stay, convince potential clients, and even generate online traffic if its SEO integrated. Whatever purpose your website may serve, Thunder Thimble is here to help you every step of the way.

If you wish to share your knowledge of web design, we accept any form of contribution such as articles, tutorials and features as long as it is connected to our purpose and with web design.

With Thunder Thimble, web design can be made easy. We can go hand in hand in designing your website.

Rebecca C. May,
Owner, Thunder Thimble