Using Illustrations In Web Design

When it comes to web design, there are a lot of things to take into account, like what the site’s goal is, what brand is it representing, and other stuff, which all have to be presented nicely in an interesting package. It’s both a science, and an art form.

That’s why no site is complete without a good Commercial Illustration or five, as they offer so much. Illustrations can help send a message, and represent an idea, while also providing some nice aesthetics to a site.


Branding is all about creating an emotional message, one that goes beyond a product or service in offer, and gives it something special. When creating a site, it’s important to remember that it’s basically a storefront or a representative for an organization or individual, which is why illustrations are used to give it a visual feel.

By visual feel, we mean making sure that, when viewers click a link and enter a site; it should be something that sticks with them. This is where a good Commercial Illustration or two help out. They can give a site a unique personality, something that makes it stand out from the others in the field.

Telling a story

On top of adding visual appeal, illustrations are also good for telling stories. That way, they’re able to share what a brand can do for people’s lives, like meeting a demand or a need. When it comes to connecting with viewers, a human, interesting, and/or original story told nicely with appealing illustrations just can’t be beat.

Create distinction

By that we mean, creating a hierarchy in content; making the important details more noticeable. Things like navigation buttons, and calls to action can be made memorable, attractive, and easy to find with the use of illustrations.

For example, use of contrast can work wonders for making something on a webpage stand out. Brightly colored navigation buttons and calls to actions are easy to spot amidst monochromatic illustrations.

Creating a theme

Every brand has an identity, and this can be effortlessly communicated by illustrations. A nature-based company will likely have lots of verdant vistas, with mountains and lakes in their illustrations, while a law firm might have a gavel or a courtroom.

By using an illustration to create a theme on a site, the brand can be communicated with minimal assistance from written content.