How Do Viewers React To Color In Web Design?

Color is one of the important components of web design because it influences the way that a viewer will respond to stimulus. In our website, TV Store online, color has been used to influence the reaction of visitors to our site. On the other hand, reaction can either be a positive or negative interaction with the site because there are different consumer responses to color. It cannot be translated into a specific feeling which means that the color pink will not necessarily make a viewer happy.

Reaction to color is not absolute

There is no collective preference for one color and there is hardly any evidence that using green call to action will make a consumer buy a product more often than using yellow. In a specific context, some colors can be favored over others as demonstrated by background colors used in web design. Red is an exciting color that is associated to passion and it is great for youthful websites so that energy and eagerness can be suggested. Pink is associated with femininity so it is perfect for websites that target women customers.

Orange is less overwhelming than red and it is considered as a warm color for websites with the goal to impress through creativity. Yellow is bright and happy and it often used for children’s websites because it easily grabs their attention. Green is calm but a darker shade of green is associated with money so that sites that want to suggest affluence would do well with the color. Most corporate and business websites use blue for reliability while websites that intend to look elegant and mysterious use purple. Creams are calm and make very good backgrounds for websites.

Colors can easily generate a good impression of a site but it can also result into a high bounce rate if it creates a wrong impression. Wrong choice of color scheme will reflect on the inexperience of the web designer. It is therefore important for web designers to understand the psychology of color. On the other hand, there is no set of rules that can guide you in the choice of colors except that it must be connected to the message that will be conveyed to the audience.