Web Design Tips For Law Firms

The legal industry can be rather cutthroat, which is why law firms like MyDefence.ca pour so many resources into making sure that they stand out and are recognized. One of the best ways to get started on this is to ensure that they have a website that represents them properly; one that shows off the skills and knowledge that their firm possesses.

WordPress and its ilk has made it easy to make site, but standing out is still a challenge. If your law firm is looking to do some web design, here are some tips.


Great branding is more than just logo and colors. It’s effectively the identity of the firm, and, as such, needs to be properly reflected on any site.

  • Logos are a must. As said before, branding’s more than just logos and colors, but they’re still a key essential that can’t be missed.
  • The URL should have the firm’s name in the URL. This is to make sure the firm has a good SEO ranking, and also makes the site easily connectable to your brand and firm: if people see a URL like MyDefence.ca, then they’re immediately given an idea what that site is about, which helps a lot.
  • Emphasize what makes the firm special. The legal industry can be rather competitive, so one of the best ways to sell the firm’s services to inform people what it does that’s different from the rest. This unique advantage, the USP (Unique Selling Point), lets client relate to the firm, and decide whether or not they’re the firm to go with.


Naturally, a site has to bring in traffic. But it’s not just about search engines, although they do help a lot.

  • Google is a good friend. Whether its search engine optimization or Google My Business listings, having the biggest search engine on their side is something any law firm wants. Naturally, it’s a good idea for a firm to get these things sorted out, and to stay updated on how they hold up in Google’s eyes.
  • Don’t ignore the human element. In order to gain people’s trust, law firms need to show the faces behind the legal jargon and names. That means showing people who their staff are, who their specialists are, and so on. Additionally, good word of mouth, in the form of customer testimonials and reviews, have only gotten more important in the digital age, so those are always worth showing off.