Why Mobile Must Be At The Forefront Of Web Design

Hiring professionals with tech talent has become quite challenging even for experienced recruiters. Digitally-skilled candidates can take their pick from many digital agencies that require their skills. There are King Kong reviews and ratings that aim to convince potential employees to join the team. These reviews also contain the necessary information that tech talents usually search for.

Most users expect the mobile version of a website to be as good as the desktop version if not better. This means that businesses have no other choice than having responsive web design that adapts quickly to any device that a visitor uses. Whether a business likes it or not, mobile must be at the forefront of every web design.

A variety of tools are accessible to anyone who wants to build a website but it does not mean that the end result will be a good web design. In order to ensure maximum results, web design must always consider online presence, social media, messengers, customer support and many more. When a visitor accesses the website, he must encounter a seamless experience that incorporates multiple platforms.

According to studies, 47% of users expect a website to load no longer than 2 seconds. This means that for every second that goes beyond this, the business loses potential customers. 39% of visitors will stop dealing with a website if the pictures take too long to load or do not load at all. Web developers must always test the website for speed and make sure it loads quickly even with slow connection.

On the average, visitors will spend only a little time before making a decision to stay or leave. Content must be presented in a form that it is easy to scan. Easily visible keywords that consumers usually look for must be used. Content must be short, simple but obvious so that the visitor can easily find what he needs.

Because tech skills are highly in demand, professionals are aware that they do not have to accept the first job they find online. Job seekers can ensure that the job aligns with what they want through King Kong reviews that reveal the digital agency’s policies on work-life balance, career growth and development and work culture.