Why Website Design Must Highlight A Hotel’s Unique Selling Points

The way that a hotel website is designed tells a lot about the experiences that guests can look forward to. Before a traveller books for accommodation at Sathorn Hotel in Bangkok, it is very likely that he has done a lot of research to make sure that hotel offers the best in the industry. It is therefore critical for a hotel website to highlight its unique selling points so that guests will know what makes the hotel very special.

The major place where the user starts to experience a hotel’s booking system is its homepage. However, many hotel homepages can be confusing to users and they have to work extra hard to book a room. Hotels need a web design where booking is efficient, simple and fast. Users do not want to wait for pages to load after clicking on accommodations, amenities or location. There must be prominent call-to-action button that can be clicked on to simplify the booking journey.

Since most hotel bookings are now done through mobile phones, website design must be mobile friendly. Navigation must be simple with information accessible after scrolling down. It is also important for the homepage to be formatted in such a way where mobile users can find testimonials, ratings and the reservation box. Web design must always prioritize user friendly navigation so as not to miss on the opportunity to generate a lead or conversion.

While content is very critical for hotel websites, it important to be diligent when placing social media content through widgets in the homepage. The user’s attention might be diverted to Facebook once they see that they have waiting notifications and messages in their account. It is very easy for users to forget that they are booking a room through your hotel website when they see a very interesting post from a friend.

One thing that Sathorn Hotel in Bangkok is very proud off is the ease with which a room can be booked through its website. Through the “Book now” button, a user can manage, view and edit a reservation. Availability of rooms can be conveniently checked by simply filling up the boxes for arrival, departure and number of rooms.