Why Websites Must Not Be Overloaded With Information

The goal of the Amber Tiles website is not just to create a platform to sell their products but to provide visitors with information about the company and create recall value. Most companies prefer attractive web design and miss the most important considerations that result to poor performance.

In some websites, lots of information is crammed into too little space. The owner sees the website as an opportunity to display his competencies to the visitor by overloading the website with information about the products including their vision and policies.

According to research made by Nielsen Norman Group, only 16% of users read text word for word. At least 79% of users scan the website and form an opinion in just 9 seconds particularly if they do not find the information they are looking for. To make text interesting and easily readable, use scan-friendly text, headings and bullets. Each paragraph must only contain a single idea.

Minimal web design is trending but it does not mean that that design must be extremely cryptic or ambiguous in nature. When a visitor reaches the landing page, relevant information must be available to greet him. Information must always be related to the product with additional features that they can find when they navigate to other pages.

Reading habits of users are changing. They no longer like cursive fonts, symbols or hand-drawn scripts that can be confusing. To maintain cognitive fluency and enhance understanding, unclear messy fonts must be avoided.

There is usually a specific question on the mind of the user when he reaches the landing page. It is important for a website to answer the question on the homepage. Most of the questions are usually related to what the product is all about and how much it costs, shipping policy, location and contact information. When these questions are answered properly, the user will be more confident to click on call to action.

There are tile specialists at Amber Tiles with expertise and industry knowledge to discuss the latest innovative trends. Helpful advice and quality service is provided to all customers in Amber stores across many regions. You can discuss your tiling needs with experts so that they can help you with your choices.